How To Wash Leather Pants Without Damaging It


Although leather pants are robust and can withstand some ailments, they are still more attractive when clean. But wait a minute – how to wash leather pants and what do I have to consider when cleaning it? So that you can enjoy your leather pants for a long time and nothing goes wrong with the care, we have put together precious tips and tricks for you here!

Care instructions for your leather pants

If you stick to some care tips, you will enjoy your leather pants for many more years. Admittedly, these are very high-quality products, which require more attention than other garments.

Leather is a versatile material. Animal skin is preserved by the chemical process of tanning and has been used by people as leather clothing for centuries. The popularity of leather is due to its special properties:

  • supple
  • breathable
  • relatively firm
  • tenacious
  • relatively impermeable to water

Depending on the high quality of the leather, the prices therefore vary. So, it is not uncommon that you have to dig deep into your pocket for a good pair of lederhosen. We want you to have something of your beautiful leather pants for many years! For this, it is important to know how to wash your leather pants and that not all leather pants can be put in the washing machine. 

Of course, the processing and therefore also the cleaning of the leather pants is very different depending on the type of leather. We have listed some examples of well-known, popular and above all high-quality leather types:

  • Nappa leather
  • Pigskin
  • Leather from beef
  • Goatskin
  • Reptile leather

Is it possible to wash leather pants?

Cleaning leather pants? Yes! Leather pants in the washing machine? Unconditional. In the following, we will show you that leather pants can be washed very well and not “only” cared for! No matter what type of leather your leather pants is made of, they are always precious! That’s why you shouldn’t make any mistakes when washing. But don’t worry about cleaning and caring for leather pants is easier than expected.

Before you get started, you should definitely follow the washing instructions of your leather pants and study the following tips: We have collected the most important points for you to really do everything right when cleaning the leather pants!

  • Only wash leather pants of the same color together
  • Buttons and applications that are loose should be secured beforehand (sewn tightly, turned upside down, hand washed)
  • Soak heavily slimmed and soiled leather in a hand bath before washing, treat with a soft brush and leather detergent
  • Types of leather without sufficient color fixation become clean by cleaning, only the surface can change
  • Please check the washing instructions of your leather pants in advance, as some beards are not suitable for laundry

How to wash and care for leather pants?

You can wash your leather pants either by hand or by using the washing machine. Here are methods to do it properly.

Wash leather pants by hand

  • Depending on the washing volume, approx. 1/2 bottle of leather detergent in 10-15 l of water
  • Water max. 35°C
  • Allow to soak for 30 min.
  • Wash by hand, if necessary take the brush
  • Remove and rinse with clear water

Cleaning leather pants in the washing machine

  • Depending on the washing volume, approx. 1/2 bottle from the leather detergent into the machine chamber
  • Gentle & wool wash cycle at max. 35° C (too warm water makes the leather stiff and brittle)
  • Only manually (eject)
  • Attention: Detergent also removes intended traces of use
  • Caution: Dark leather pants can discolor

Dry leather pants

  • Place on a towel and turn every few hours
  • Dry in a place that has low humidity
  • Never put it in the dryer! Never dry in the sun!
  • Then roughen with a brush

Attention: Nubuck and suede leather should be brushed well after drying

Which care helpers are there for leather pants?

Special care products ensure that your leather pants receive the optimal care. They are specially tailored to the needs of leather by being particularly gentle and even moisturizing the leather so that it remains soft and supple. They can be used before or after washing lederhosen, depending on the product. In the following we introduce you to some Leather pants care products:

Leather fixative

  • for pre-treatment when cleaning lederhosen
  • fixes tanning, dyes and greases in the leather
  • can be soaked for until an hour
  • suitable for all types of leather, especially colored leathers and combinations with textiles

Leather Protective Spray

  • Applying protective spray protects against dirt and moisture
  • Leather pants are easier to clean and do not lose color
  • suitable for all types of leather
  • environmentally friendly, contains no propellants or chemical solvents

Leather & Fur Washing Concentrate

  • gentle for the laundry
  • has a moisturizing effect (remains soft and supple)
  • Hand wash or gentle wash cycle
  • suitable for leather with grown fur as well as velour, nubuck and nappa leather

Other things to consider

Leather pants is a great option to wear for certain event, but they should also be clean. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Never wash your leather pants with warm or hot water, this will make them very hard and the leather will lose its suppleness significantly. All you need is cold water if you want to remove stains or other residue from your lederhosen.
  • Though you can use a washing machine, your leather pants do not belong in a washing machine. A wash in the washing machine strains the material very much and often even damages it. Therefore, you should always wash your leather pants by hand.
  • As a cleaner, we recommend simple Curd soap. It removes dirt very well and protects the leather. In addition, you should always take a very soft sponge to apply the core soap to the pants. With a hard or old sponge, the structure of the leather is damaged and bright spots are left behind.
  • So that your leather pants do not lose color or are taken out of shape, you should only wash them with coarser dirt. The more often you wash your pants, the more likely they are to lose shape, suppleness and appearance. After a party, you should first and foremost only ventilate the pants, as a result of which the unpleasant odors also disappear.
  • As with washing, you should avoid high temperatures when drying. It is best to place your leather pants on a towel to dry and turn them over every few hours. As a result, the shape is preserved and it dries slowly. It is important that you put the pants in a place with low humidity, otherwise they will not dry.
  • Note: Wet leather pants take several days to dry completely.


Now you know what you need for a clean and well-groomed leather pants! In the future, you will also be able to clean your leather pants or wash the leather pants in the washing machine. So nothing stands in the way of a big appearance at the next event.

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