How To Load a Staple Gun And Operate It


A staple gun isn’t like a desk stapler you might have seen in your classroom or office. These are used to insert metal staples into wood, chipboard, thick cloth, or anything other than paper.

That’s why it’s become a must-have in a handyman’s toolbox these days. But before you do anything with it, you need to know how to load a staple gun. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to load and use different types of staplers.

How to use a staple gun

There are numerous things you can do with a stapler once you know how to use the gun. From laying rugs on the floor to packing items for shipping overseas to making a picture frame, a staple gun will take the edge off most of your efforts. But before you can get the most out of a stapler, you need to know how to use a stapler properly.

There are only three things you need to know if you want to use a staple gun.

  • know the tool
  • loading the staple gun; and
  • Staple with the stapler.

Loading the staple gun

When you are done choosing the right type of tacker, you need to know how to load the tacker. Basically, all three types of tackers have their own loading system. But the most essential part is what we will talk about here.

  • So in order to load staples into a stapler you need to figure out the magazine or loading channel where you will be placing the staples. Most of the magazine compartment is on the back of the stapler. But sometimes it can also be underneath.
  • Once you locate the magazine, see if there is a trigger to release it from the front of the tool. If there’s no trigger or lever, squeeze or pull the magazine to see what works.
  • After that, pull out the magazine and load the row of staples accordingly, considering the options for rear loading, bottom loading and top loading.
  • When you are finished placing the staples, pull the magazine or slide the rod through the guide rails.

The three different types of tackers have their way of loading or unloading. The location of the magazine determines whether it is a bottom-loading tacker or a front-loader. To make sure you can load all staple guns, we’ll cover all three ways.

Top loading

If you have a pneumatic stapler, the most powerful stapler, you need to follow this method. 

Step 1: The pneumatic staplers are attached to an air supply hose. Therefore, disconnect the gun from the air inlet connector for loading.

Using your hand, loosen the nut that secured the hose to the inlet fitting. You can use a mini screwdriver loosen it. Some models are equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental staple release during loading. So make sure you have these attached before loading the magazine.

Step 2: Then find out the magazine release switch by pressing which magazine comes out. Don’t forget to pull out the trailer. Pull the driver to the end of the magazine rail. A driver holds the staples firmly with the hopper rail for smooth dispensing.

Then pull the magazine handle to get the entire magazine out. On most staplers, the magazine release lever is located just below the stapler handle or on the front for convenient pushing.

Step 3: When you press the lever, a magazine rail will be revealed in front of you. The splint is basically where you place your brace. 

Step 4: put the staple strip on the magazine rail. When placing a strip of staples, make sure the legs of the staple are pointing down. 

Step 5: Release the magazine lever and push the magazine by hand to lock it perfectly.

Loading from below

Most electric tackers on the market are bottom loading tackers. The obvious difference from other types of staple guns is the way it is loaded. How is that? 

Step 1: Before doing anything with the electric stapler, you must first make sure that the stapler is unplugged. Otherwise you will get an electric shock as a reward. 

Step 2: There is a magazine under the stapler. To find out, you need to turn the gun upside down. Then you need to find the magazine release key on the back of the tacker. And press it to get the magazine out. 

Step 3: When the magazine is empty, you will see a tiny compartment where the staples can be placed. When placing the staples, make sure the legs are pointing down into the compartment. 

Step 4: After loading the staples, slowly push the magazine back into place. When you hear the locking sound, you can fire the weapon. That’s it!

Back loading

The rear-loading option is only included with the hand tacker, which is now considered old-fashioned. 

Step 1: You need to look for the push rod on the back of the gun. Just above the pusher is a small button or switch-like thing. Press this button and the handle will unlock. However, some tackers do not have a magazine release lever or switch. In this case you have to push the handle slightly into the guide rails and it will unlock. 

Step 2: Pull the push rod out of the guide rails. And a small compartment for the staples opens. 

Step 3: Insert the row of brackets, place the legs on the surface of the loading channel and bend them down towards the front of the guide rails. 

Step 4: Take the push rod and insert it back into the chamber until it clicks into place. Don’t worries if you think the rod will damage the inside of the stapler for a heavy accidental press because the spring takes care of that.

Front loader

Loading a tacker, which you most often see in heavy office work, is the easiest for everyone.

  • First you need to loosen the cap over the magazine. If there’s a switch for it, use that. Otherwise, a pull with the fingers is sufficient.
  • Check for a magazine release button. But if there aren’t any, just push or pull to see what works.
  • Then the magazine appears. The magazine is a small compartment to perfectly place a number of staples.
  • Lastly, slide it to the end of the tool and it will automatically lock at the end.

That’s it! You can now shoot your staple gun into thick office paper and files. When you’re done loading the gun, a staple gun is more than half the job done. Here comes the ultimate part, the stapling.

Frequently asked Questions

What should I do if the stapler shoots double staples at once?  Using thicker staples can help in this regard. Staple guns sometimes fire more than one staple when the output end is larger for a piece of staple. So, make sure you use the right size staple to avoid such pickup problems.

Why does a staple gun get stuck? Most often, staple guns will jam when using small or broken staples. Spending time untying the staple gun seems a waste of time to me.

Always use a full row of properly connected staples to avoid jamming. Why do staples come out bent? Firing the gun without the right angle can cause the staples to bend. Also, if you don’t put enough force on the gun when dealing with hard surfaces, it’s obvious that the staple will bend.


Using a tacker might seem easy to anyone who is a professional handyman or someone who has had their hands on it for a long time. But for someone who is just starting to learn the basics of the craft, using a stapler can be very difficult. He must know the working mechanism of the staple gun and what to do when the gun stops working. That’s why in this article we’ve outlined everything it takes to use a staple gun in the simplest way so that you don’t have any more doubts.

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