How To Get Rid of Spiders in Basement


Spiders seem to feel particularly comfortable in the basement – usually not to our own delight. Then how to get rid of spiders in basement or other parts of the house? There are a number of remedies for spiders in the basement.

Countless tips are circulating on the Internet when it comes to means of expelling spiders. In addition to comparatively soft solutions such as regular cleaning – which is a good tip against unwanted crawling guests anyway – and the removal of cobwebs, there are also home remedies such as lemons, vinegar, chestnuts or lavender. 

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Rabid people reach for the fly swatter or the vacuum cleaner. These methods, as well as hairspray and baking soda, are considered particularly painful for the animals. Killing the spiders is discouraged anyway – disgust or not.

For all those who only want to keep the eight-legged crawling animals out of their own four walls, here are the most common tips against spiders in the house.

Tip 1: Anti-spider spray

The first is the anti-spider spray. Numerous biocidal products are available on the Internet or in the local hardware store. The smells of such sprays are intended to reliably drive spiders away. All entrances and places where the spiders like to stay are sprayed. However, before buying, attention should be paid to any hazard statements of the manufacturer.

Tip 2: Lavender against spiders

Lavender is a popular home remedy to prevent spiders from entering the apartment in the first place. To drive away spiders that have already made themselves comfortable with you, lavender should also be suitable.

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Here, too, the smell is the decisive factor: it is intended to scare off and drive away spiders. Any access that smells of lavender is supposed to be avoided by the spider. It does not necessarily have to be a whole lavender bush – a scented candle or a scented bag should suffice. The strongest remedy from the range is a preparation consisting of five drops of lavender oil, detergent and one liter of water. Then put the mixture in a spray bottle and spread it wherever the spiders like to be.

By the way, lavender is also considered a good remedy for house flies.

Tip 3: Vinegar against spiders

Another home remedy for spiders is ordinary vinegar. Again, all corners and cracks are sprayed after diluting the vinegar with water and putting it in a spray bottle. The procedure must be repeated every one to two days, although the pungent smell of vinegar does not necessarily make this solution the most pleasant.

Tip 4: Peppermint oil, lemon, eucalyptus, tobacco and chestnut

There are other smells that are supposed to make spiders flee. The scents of mint, citrus fruits or eucalyptus, for example, are considered effective means of driving away the uninvited guests. But also the smell of chestnuts or tobacco should keep the eight-legged ones away. The procedure hardly differs in each case.

Lemon, orange, mint and eucalyptus: Whether mint, lemon slice, orange peel or eucalyptus oil – wherever spiders have access to the house, the fragrance is distributed. The essential oils of lemons and oranges last a few days before the fruits need to be replaced.

Concentrates such as eucalyptus or peppermint oil, on the other hand, even diluted with water and detergent, last up to a week. On a spray bottle with water there are about two drops of detergent and ten drops of eucalyptus oil or 20 drops of peppermint oil. Alternatively, drizzle a few drops onto a handkerchief, which is then placed in the appropriate places.

Chestnut: Smash the chestnut to release as much of the flavorings as possible. Then place the smashed nut in front of windows, doors, under the sofa or on the closet in the bedroom – wherever the spider feels comfortable.

Tobacco: The use of tobacco is recommended for areas outside the living area, as the smell is known to bother not only spiders. Therefore, the application is recommended, for example, for the basement or the attic. The production of a tobacco decoction is rather something for the hard-boiled: For this purpose, a cup of cigarette butts is boiled with water and then filtered through a sieve.

Tip 5: Using sound against spiders

In specialist shops, there are small plugs that emit ultrasonic sounds that are inaudible to humans. This is to effectively deter the spiders, as it sounds to them as if predators are approaching.

Tip 6: Avoid bright outdoor lighting

In order not to attract insects and thus spiders in the first place, it is best not to use any or only a discreet outdoor lighting in front of the house. Yellow light, for example, is softer and a good means of keeping insects and spiders away.

Other tips to consider

Finally, a few tips with which the spider does not even get into the house:

  • Fly screens are available in every hardware store. They are also available in supermarkets, discounters or on the Internet. Once placed in front of the window, the nets are actually intended to keep insects such as flies or mosquitoes away. However, they are also suitable for denying spiders access to the apartment.
  • Dark corners as well as narrow gaps and cracks can also be sealed with adhesive tape or silicone. To keep spiders away, it is generally recommended to seal all entrances to the house or apartment. Especially with older doors and windows, spiders can use the porous seals as access.


Regular cleaning deprives the spider of its livelihood. On the one hand, each removed spider web reduces the prey and thus the food base of the eight-legged animals. On the other hand, the prey itself prefers to stay with food and garbage lying around. A clean household therefore also restricts the insect population. Fewer insects, fewer spiders – it’s as simple as that.

The result of the methods above may vary. This may depend on the spider species. In some cases, however, good results against spiders can be achieved. In any case, it is effective if you regularly remove all spider webs, as this will make it uncomfortable for the spiders in your basement.

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