How To Get Makeup Out of Carpet at Home


Make-up is no longer one of the rituals that are only performed on special occasions. If stains get on the clothes, carpet or sofa during or after make-up, it is not always easy to get the dirty area clean again. That is why you need to know how to get makeup out of carpet or any surfaces.

Remove make-up stains from the carpet

Especially when it has to go fast, it often happens that something goes wrong with make-up. The result is not only a nicely painted face, but unfortunately also colored stains on the carpet or the sofa. So that the face color is not penetrated deeper into the tissue or spread in other places in the apartment, you should act immediately if you notice the spots.

If you have applied face powder, blush or dry eye shadow to non-washable textiles, act as follows:

  1. Switch the vacuum cleaner to the highest level,
  2. remove the essay
  3. and hold the pipe directly over the stains.
  4. Soak up as much of the colored powder as possible.
  5. To eliminate any remaining powder residues from the carpet or sofa, stick an adhesive strip on the dirt.
  6. Press the strip lightly and
  7. then peel it off with a strong jerk.

If there is liquid makeup on the carpet or couch, gall soap will help:

  • Pour liquid bile soap directly onto the soiled areas.
  • Let the home remedy work and
  • Then pat it out of the fabric again with a clean, lint-free paper towel.
  • Gall soap helps with both fresh and dried foundation.
  • Since the all-round cleaning talent can also be used with wool, it can even remove stains from the expensive oriental carpet. However, you should definitely test the home remedy in an invisible place before using it.

Home remedies for make-up stains remove

Alcohol is suitable for eliminating fresh and dried make-up stains. To do this, put the home remedy on a clean cotton cloth and dab over the dirty areas until they are gone. Alcohol can be applied to light and dark clothing, but also on the carpet or sofa. However, it is advisable to test the cleaning liquid in an inconspicuous place beforehand.

Baking powder: With baking soda you eliminate makeup from the white blouse or light jacket. To do this, add so much baking soda to the dirt that it is completely covered. Then gently rub the raising agent with a moistened, clean cotton cloth and let it act. Then turn the garment to the left and rinse the home remedy under the faucet with clear, cold water. Finally, the white blouse is washed in the washing machine.

Baby powder: Liquid make-up or foundation can be loosened from wool using baby powder. To do this, sprinkle the stains thickly with baby powder. Press the powder a little tightly with your fingertip and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then knock the baby powder out of the wool from behind or vacuum it with a table vacuum cleaner at the smallest level.

Gall soap is an all-round talent when it comes to cleaning. It may be used for wool as well as for polyester, cotton or viscose. In addition, it helps with fresh and dried stains. And it can be used to clean clothes as well as to clean the carpet or sofa.

  • Simply pour the liquid bile soap onto the dirt.
  • Leave the home remedy on
  • and then dab it out again with a clean, lint-free paper towel.
  • For dried mascara, let the gall soap soak for 15 minutes before washing the garment at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

Toner: As a precaution, use toner only with less sensitive fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. To eliminate liquid makeup, foundation or lipstick, put the toner on a clean cotton cloth and dab it over the stains until they are gone. Do not rub, but only dab so as not to move the color deeper into the tissue.

Hairspray is the perfect home remedy to wipe lipstick from clothes. Spray the lipstick stains with hairspray from about 20 centimeters away and then gently brush them out with an old toothbrush.

Adhesive tape: If there are still powder residues on the carpet or couch after vacuuming, cover the dirt with an adhesive strip. Press the adhesive strip lightly and then pull it off with a jerk.

Spoon: Mascara stains are the only dirt you shouldn’t treat right away. Instead, wait for the eye makeup to dry completely and then gently scrape off the mascara with a spoon. The washing machine does the rest at 30 degrees.

Nylon tights: With the help of nylon tights, powder stains can be brushed out of clothing. To do this, hold the soiled garment parallel to the floor with the stains upwards and gently brush over it with the clean nylon tights. Do not press, the tights will take the powder and release it from the clothes.

Shaving cream: Liquid make-up or foundation can be eliminated from clothing without washing with shaving foam. To do this, spray the stains with the foam, lightly massage the foam with your fingertip and wait a few minutes. Then rinse the home remedy under the running faucet with cold water.

Cloth: If you use a cleaning cloth for stain removal, you will save yourself the washing. To do this, gently rub the cloth over the wet make-up stains until they are removed.

Alcohol: Always test spirit in an inconspicuous place of the fabric before use. If the home remedy passes the test, put pure spirit on a clean cotton cloth and gently dab it over the fresh or dried foundation or lipstick stains. Dab until the dirty area is clean again.

Detergent: Since the detergent contains grease removers, it is also suitable for eliminating the discoloration of liquid make-up. To do this, put the detergent pure and directly on the stains. Leave it on for a few minutes and then dab it again with a clean paper towel.

Vacuum cleaner: Use the vacuum cleaner to remove face powder, blush or dry eye shadow from the carpet or sofa. To do this, remove the attachment, hold the pipe directly over the dirt and set it to the strongest suction force.

Carpet foam: Liquid make-up can be removed from carpet and rug with the help of carpet foam. To do this, spray the stains. Leave the foam on and then dab it with a wet cloth. Finally, the moisture must be absorbed with the help of a clean paper towel.

Detergent, grease dissolving: Apply a grease-dissolving liquid detergent directly to the stains of fresh makeup. Leave the detergent on and then put the garment in the washing machine at 30 degrees.


If your carpet has other stains, you can choose one or more of the tips above. With proper maintenance and cleaning, your carpet and clothes are free from any kind of stain and will retain its good looks and qualities for many years.

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