How To Get Hair Glue Out Of Hair And Remove Tape-In ​​Extensions


Have your tape extensions outgrown them? Then the time has come when you need to remove your tape extensions. So that your hair is not damaged by removing the tape extensions, we have summarized everything you need to know about how to get hair glue out of hair and removing tape extensions in this extensions guide.

How to remove tape extensions?

As with attaching hair extensions, you should have tape-in ​​extensions removed by a professional. The hairdresser gently removes the tape-ins from your hair with a special tape remover and can also remove the tape extensions glue. You can then go to the hairdresser’s to have your tape-ins reapplied and put back on. Since loosening tape-in ​​extensions is less time-consuming, you can also remove your tape-ins yourself with the right accessories.

When should tape-in ​​extensions be removed?

After 6 – 8 weeks you usually have to remove your tape extensions. Usually the approach is then so strong that the connection points become visible. Even if it becomes difficult to style your hair or brush it properly, you should remove your tape extensions. When that is exactly depends on the individual hair growth.

Can I remove my tape-in ​​extensions myself?

Didn’t get an appointment with your favorite hairdresser to remove tape extensions? If you want to remove your tape extensions yourself, that is basically possible.

To ensure that the hair extensions can be removed without any problems, you should know that tape-ins is glued into the hair with the so-called sandwich method using adhesive strips (tapes). If you want to remove your tape extensions, you have to loosen these adhesive connections with a special tape remover. How it works? Here are our tips:

  • Apply enough solvent/remover to the upper edge of the tape extension strand from above. It is best to do this in such a way that the remover can work well on the strand of hair between the strands of tape extensions. Massage him.
  • Carefully open the “sandwich” slightly from above with the handle of a comb and spray a little more solvent / remover on it. Leave it on for about half a minute.
  • Using your fingernail or a style comb, pull the tape extensions apart starting in the middle and starting at the top. It is important that you do not tear from the side as when removing a band-aid or the like, but pull carefully from top to bottom, otherwise the strands can tear!
  • Remove the hair pieces piece by piece until the entire hair extension has been worked through with the remover.
  • Massage the remover into any leftover residue.
  • The Tape Extensions and Skin Wefts are reusable. Remove the remaining adhesive strips/adhesive spots from the tape extensions. For easier removal, put some solvent / remover on them. Rinse the tape extensions with lukewarm water to remove any remaining remover residue.

You can reuse tape extensions and skin wefts with a special tape. The tape of the tape extensions or skin wefts must be completely degreased and dry, otherwise there is a risk that the tape will not hold. Glue strips of tape to the smooth areas where the previously attached tape was. You can cut the tape with scissors easily. Work in the tape extensions again as usual. 

After you have undone all the tape extensions, wash your hair carefully and condition it with a deep conditioner. For 2 days, do without complex styling that unnecessarily strains your hair.

What is needed to remove tape-in ​​extensions?

Not many accessories are needed to remove tape extensions. Everything you need is:

  • tape extensions remover 
  • style comb
  • compartment clips
  • mini hair clips

The extensions remover softens the connection points between real hair and extension strands. Then you can remove the tape extensions by gently pulling them out of your hair. At the same time, residues of tape glue can be removed from hair with our extension remover.

If you want to reuse your real hair strands, you can degrease the adhesive surfaces of the extensions with the remover after removing the extensions tape, clean them and then stick the tape again.

Important: Removing tape extensions without a remover are an absolute no-go! By the way, not only tape extensions can be removed with the extension remover, but also bondings.

How can glue residue from tape-in ​​extensions be removed from the hair?

When loosening tape-ins, it can happen that residues of glue remain in the hair. If you want to remove this extensions glue residue, you should also use remover and massage it into the roots and lengths of your hair.

You can also use the style comb to remove tape extensions from hair. When you’re done removing all of the tape extensions, you should wash your hair thoroughly with deep cleansing Shampoo. The shampoo not only removes glue from tape extensions from your hair, but also removes residues on the skin and scalp.

By washing your hair, your own hair is freed from all glue residues and perfectly prepared for a new hair extension.

Does wearing and removing tape-in ​​extensions damage my own hair?

Real hair extensions are professionally attached and the tape extensions are removed professionally, tape-ins are absolutely harmless for healthy hair. Hair damage can only occur if mistakes are made during incorporation and removal. Just observe the following extension tips and you will enjoy your dream hair for a long time: 

  • Have extensions professionally attached with tape-ins. 
  • If you want to remove your tape extensions, you should definitely use a high-quality tape remover. 
  • Do not use home remedies to remove tape extensions. 
  • Stay away from inferior shampoos and hair care products. Alcohol and oils damage your hair and can cause extensions to fall out of your own hair. 
  • Wash and care for your own hair and hair extensions with special extension care products. 
  • Avoid jerking your hair and the connection points when removing tape extensions.

What else should I know about tape-in ​​extensions?

If you want Rapunzel hair or more fullness, tape-in ​​extensions are just right for natural-looking and permanent hair extensions. Because tape-ins are slightly wider hair extensions, their weight is distributed evenly over your own hair without weighing it down. 

Tape human hair wefts are therefore perfect for hair thickening. Even with fine and sensitive hair, you can remove tape extensions without hesitation, stick them on again and put them back up again.


If you have to remove your tape extensions after 6 – 8 weeks, you should leave the tape-ins to a hairdresser to remove them as well as attach them. If you have decided to remove the tape-in ​​extensions from your hair yourself, you should use a high-quality extension remover to remove the tape extensions. 

With it you can easily and gently remove the strands of hair. With the tips above, you will find everything you need to know about removing tape extensions and reusing your hair extensions.

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