How To Clean Sheepskin Rug


This makes the wool carpet an excellent eye-catcher and sets it apart from other floor coverings. On the other hand, it is difficult to clean the sheepskin rug if there are stains on the light-colored material. We have compiled what you should pay attention to in our guide.

A sheepskin rug is being used more and more frequently in the house and apartment, because the wool carpeting scores with a special look. How best to clean the sheepskin rug depends primarily on what dirt has collected on the carpet and how long the stains have been there. Minor dirt or liquids can often be easily removed by hand, while coarse dirt is more difficult to clean manually. It is therefore recommended that spot cleaning be tackled immediately before the dirt has a chance to dry on the sheepskin rug.

Optimum cleaning depends on the degree of soiling: observe the manufacturer’s specifications

Many manufacturers offer tips for cleaning a sheepskin rug so that the material of the carpeting is not damaged. Adhere to these guidelines in order not to risk a total loss of the floor covering. Take, for example, the manufacturer’s recommended wool detergents for cleaning carpets, which have been tried and tested. This gives the best chance for clean results when cleaning the sheepskin rug without damaging the fur.

Three types of tanning determine washability

In principle, cleaning a lambskin rug is reduced to washing, drying, brushing and airing. In the vast majority of cases, lambskin that is used as a carpet is tanned in such a way that it is washable or at least conditionally washable. With limited washability, there is always a residual risk as to whether the lambskin will then be fully usable and comfortable again. There are three types of tanning that determine the degree of washability.

Washable lambskins

Tanning with Relugan produces fully washable lambskin, the carpet of which is also often used as baby fur. These lambskins can be washed in the washing machine on the wool program at a maximum of thirty degrees Celsius without spinning or draining. Hand washing in the bath is gentler and often requires several soaking and rinsing cycles.

Refurbishment of conditionally washable lambskins

After vegetable tanning, lambskin rugs can generally be washed, although the leather in particular can stiffen as a result of the washing process and subsequent drying. Hand washing in cold water with a special moisturizing agent is recommended. The stiffened leather can be made supple again with baby oil or milking grease. A cold machine wash can work, but carries the risk of tattering the sheepskin.

Non-washable lambskins

A lambskin rug that is clearly marked as non-washable must be dry-cleaned in a professional cleaning company. They were tanned with alum, which is also known as mineral tanning, clay tanning or white tanning.

All washed and wet lambskin rugs should be laid flat on an absorbent pad to dry like woolen clothing. Regular airing can be done while hanging up and shaking out loose dirt particles.


As a general cleaning measure, you should comb the lambskin regularly with a special brush. The fibers should unravel without being pulled out. The fluffing of a wool carpet guarantees softness and protection against soiling from wool grease.

So that the sheepskin does not lose its good appearance and climate-regulating properties, we recommend cleaning it by hand first if it is dirty. With fresh stains, dabbing with a damp cloth can already achieve good results and remove dirt in a short time.

If this is not enough to turn the carpet white again, hand washing in the bathtub makes sense. With special wool detergents, even difficult soiling can be slowly and carefully removed. The structure of the carpeting remains intact and is not damaged.

Fur rug: Can you wash it in the washing machine?

If the stains cannot be removed by hand cleaning, the washing machine can be used as a last resort. However, this is only possible with carpeting that has been medically or vegetable tanned. On these furnishings, special machine washes can remove stubborn stains while still preserving the shape of the sheepskin.

On the other hand, the washing machine should be avoided at all costs for lambskins that have been tanned with salt, which applies to most products on the market. Here, the salts are removed during the wash cycle, which makes the sheepskin rug unusable. More information on the tanning method should be available from the manufacturer of the carpeting.

If it is unclear what type of tanning was used, it is better not to use the washing machine to avoid damaging the carpet. If cleaning in the machine is possible, the device should be set to a maximum of 30 degrees and a special cleaning agent for wool should be used. Make sure the sheepskin rug fits inside the drum to avoid damage during the wash cycle.

Let the sheepskin rug dry slowly

If the sheepskin rug has been successfully cleaned by hand or in the washing machine, the carpeting still has to dry. You should not rush into anything, but give the fur enough time to dry. Direct contact with the heater or accelerating the process with a hair dryer should therefore be avoided.

Instead, the rug can be hung up and ideally left to dry in a well-ventilated room. The fur should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because excessive UV radiation can permanently damage the structure of the carpet.

In the case of heavy soiling, call an expert for help

When cleaning sheepskin rugs yourself, there are always limitations on the stains that can be removed. Heavy soiling is difficult to remove, even with time-consuming cleaning by hand or high-quality cleaning equipment. In addition, a particularly careful procedure is necessary so that the lambskin is not damaged.

Therefore, if you find that your cleaning attempts are unsuccessful, you should contact a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning company. They are very familiar with the material and know the best cleaning methods for the skins.


Even difficult dirt can be removed from the carpeting with high-performance devices without damaging the carpet. In some cases, you can also borrow the appropriate cleaning machines and do the cleaning yourself. This saves you some money, but you have to follow the instructions exactly so that nothing goes wrong when removing the stains on the sheepskin rug.

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